My Personal Mission and Philosophy

The Wick is a blog to share information on Meaning and Purpose in life. I focus on sharing my ideas and life experiences that will help others reach their full potential.  Personal Leadership and Effective teams, Coaching and Interpersonal Communication are my fields of expertise. Put simply, I help individuals find professional fulfillment; I help people work together more effectively as members of a team; and I help companies embrace and manage change by creating more effective practices and an organizational culture that fits their vision and strategic goals for “doing good” and “making a difference”.

My coaching services are aimed at helping people reach their full potential while still maintaining a balanced and meaningful life both personally and professionally. I work with individuals to assist them in identifying their strengths and unlocking areas needing improvement to “be the best they can be”. In meeting these challenges and developing their skills I use discovery learning, new cognitive and behavioral tools like “plus one” and “smart-steps” and other experiential learning approaches.

I generally, work with only committed people who are looking for a “process with structure” for getting their life going in a positive direction and want to learn new tools to be life long learners and better problem solvers.  Typically, this means being a sounding board and collaborator for people wanting to take more control and make better choices when facing some of the following life situations: you are feeling… stuck in a meaningless career or working for a difficult boss, your career is derailing, you are anxious about starting a new job, worried about interviewing or making presentations, coping with changing personal or professional relationships, addressing areas needing improvement for advancement or simply want to create new dreams for living a more constructive and meaningful life.

I am more than willing to discuss, free of charge, your situation and needs and how I might be of service to you. Just send a note to my blog.

My mantra is– Taking you to the next level: turning potential into being a life-long student and learner.

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